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Train4Life is Retiring

After 15 years in the Canberra community service training sector Train4Life has decided it is time to practice what we preach. Recent reflections seen us question our work/life balances, our commitment to privatised community services, our life/family priorities, and our overall passion for what we do at Train4Life.

We are so proud of our time in the sector, we have had some brilliant students, some wonderful organisations, the occasional worthwhile manager and believe above all else we contributed to our sector with quality, commitment to the individual, and some really cool program & client outcomes. Our vision since day one has been to grow people, and we believe we have been along for the ride on lots of people’s growth journeys, both personally, and professionally.

Our office at Florey will close as of 5pm 10th March 2020.

Thank you to all we served, all we worked with, all we laughed with and all who have supported us over our 15 years.

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching

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