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About Train4Life (RTO Code 88171)

Training for community workers by community workers

Ten years ago Train4Life was born. The need was clear; Canberra needed a quality registered training organisation that trained community qualifications by community workers. Good quality training that challenged learners to think outside the square, raise curiosity in the classroom, give a safe space to try new practices and increase levels of professionalism.

Cutting edge learning by people who have done the work in the real world.

While Train4Life is a commercial organisation, we incorporate concepts that actively support a social enterprise mindset. What we do is both profitable to our organisation and the community sector. Partnering and collaborating in projects bring about real and valuable individualised outcomes.

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Our training is undertaken using a traditional class based method, face to face. Train4Life believes qualifications about working
with people should be undertaken in a class with real people.


However, that’s where the traditions stop.
Train4Life believes great learning comes from the learner not the trainer. Recognising each person ́s skills and experiences, and starting from a position of “can already do,” not a position of “we must teach you,” will create the best learning environment. Train4life works to stir your curiosity, deliver with innovation and enthusiasm, and provoke you into pushing your learning boundaries. We ask you to argue you point, challenge you to be creative, and dare you to see the possibilities your qualification might lead to. Train4Life believe the best learning is not simply delivering information; it is creating an environment for you to thrive.



Our vision is to create an environment that supports:

  • Individualised learning techniques
  • Professional, outcome based results

As part of the learning community we strive to:

  • Inspire confidence, belief and value, in vocational education, for the individual and the employer.
  • Encourage all members of our environment to be critical, reflective, life-long learners who are committed to achieving their goals.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment where persistence and resilience are valued and where the dignity and wellbeing of self and others are paramount.