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Skilled Capital Funding

Skilled Capital is a training initiative funded by the ACT and Australian Governments. Through the Skilled Capital initiative students who meet the eligibility criteria may access government subsidised training from a selection of qualifications from the ACT skills needs list. Students who are successful in gaining a funded position may also receive a completion payment upon successful completion of the course.

Skilled Capital

Am I eligible for Skilled Capital funding?

In order to access this funding, applicants will need to meet the following requirements at the time of enrolment:

  • an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand passport holder resident for more than six (6) months; or
  • a permanent Humanitarian visa holder; or
  • a visa holder with work rights on a pathway to permanent residency and not excluded from participation in government funded training and
  • living or working in the ACT, and
  • at least 15 years of age, and
  • not enrolled in or attending secondary school or college.

Students may only be enrolled in one Skilled Capital funded position at a time. Students cannot enroll in a qualification (or its replacement) completed previously (within the last 7 years)


How do I enroll?

The next release of Skilled Capital enrolments will occur on February 21, 2019. On this date Train4Life will apply for funded positions on enrolled student’s behalf.

It is vital that you enroll in your course before this date, as there are limited Skilled Capital positions available. Positions are competitive and taken on a first-in, first served basis.

Click here to register your interest.

Please note: Successfully completing the enrollment process confirms a place in Train4Life’s course. However it does not confirm your enrolment into the Skilled Capital program. Funding confirmation is subject to availability of funded places and approval from Skills Canberra (ACT Government). You will be advised if your application has been successful following the February 2019 release.  


What is a completion payment?

The completion bonus is an incentive for students living or working in the ACT to gain skills and complete qualifications in industries predicted to grow.


Who’s eligible for the completion payment?

Students who receive a Skilled Capital funded position, achieve a minimum of 50% of their units through structured training (Not RPL or Credit Transfer) and successfully complete a Skilled Capital qualification will qualify for the student completion payment


How much? 

The completion payment is $300 for Certificate IV and Diploma.

The completion payment is $100 for SkillSets.


How is it paid and how do I get it? 

The completion payment is paid directly to students following completion of the qualification and survey. Students will receive an email from Skills Canberra with a personalised link to access the completion survey. Students enter their preferred bank account information in the final page of survey.

A student is not eligible for a completion payment where more than 50% of the units are completed through RPL and/or credit transfer.

Students will be eligible to receive the completion payment for up to one (1) year after the date deemed competent, provided up to date email and bank account details are confirmed.


What happens if I don’t receive the survey after I complete my qualification?

Please contact Train4Life and we will liaise with the Education Department

Train4Life is happy to answer any questions you may have.
Phone: 02 6258 0008